Covid Management
In the crucial time of utmost chaos during the second wave of Covid19, Sampurna came forward to help the citizens in need in any capacity manageable. We were able to set up a covid care centre equipped with beds and appropriate medical equipment with competent staff to help the community. Two such centres were established, one in Sector 9 and another in Sector 15 in Rohini.

Crisis Intervention Centres
Sampurna received state-funded project on Crisis Intervention Centres from 2003- 2015. The objective of the project was to provide integrated support and assistance to women and children affected by violence, both in private and public spaces. The aim was to facilitate immediate, emergency and non- emergency access to a range of services including medical, legal, psychological and counselling support to fight against sexual violence. Sampurna provided assistance to over 2000 women, girls and children who have faced sexual assault and violence.

Even without the help of funds from the state, Sampurna continues to help and support anyone who knocks on our door in a plea for help regardless of their gender or socio-economic status, in any capacity possible.

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