Before Covid:
Food has always been the causing agent of many issues in the society. Due to  poverty and lack of awareness urban poor are not able to have a nutritious meal and thus suffer from malnutrition. Sampurna’s Head office, located in the vicinity of an urban slum, also observed that the lack of nutritious and hygienic food is the cause of many health problems among the slum dwellers. With the help of the donations of the local people and goodwill of their volunteers, Sampurna was able to take the initiative to cook and serve a nutritious meal for about 150 people on a regular basis from 2019-2020.

We specifically ensured that the ones who were found to be the most vulnerable, including children on roads, neglected mentally challenged people, old homeless people, disadvantaged employed women etc, got their share of a healthy diet. Sampurna works with dedication and affection. Many a times the members of our executive body would celebrate their birthdays with the children, bringing merriment and joy to a dull, laborious day.

Post Covid:
While Sampurna was already involved in distributing food, the onslaught of Covid19 pandemic made the demand for food increase tenfold. In response, the volunteers of Sampurna collaborated with the local MLA, councillors and local donors in arranging and distributing food continuously for more than 320 days. Dry ration kits as well as cooked food was distributed to an average of 300 people per day in Razapur, Naharpur, Raja Vihar, Khadda Basti, Badli through Sector 18 center.

Sampurna rose to the challenge and with the help of organizations like The Akshaya Patra, Robin Hood and Zomato, we were able to widen the scope of distribution of food rations to the weakest members of the society.


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