Once the vaccines became available through Cowin app, our management decided to make Rohini covid free through mass vaccination. The volunteers were motivated to spread awareness about the importance and benefits of vaccination. A few professionals were hired to reach to out every house.
Sampurna as a Social Welfare agency wants to join hands with the government to make India safe against Covid. To streamline the vaccination drive, the team operated through two channels. One team operates through the centre office every day from 9-5 pm, helping out the people with registration, booking of slots and getting vaccinated. Everyday the number of people coming to the center asking for help ranges between 100-200. There were eight times when capacity was more than 250 and so, we set up vaccination camps at the centre itself for easy accessibility.

Our second team reached out to residential societies as well as less accessible areas like Razapur, Naharpur, Rajavihar, Khadda Basti, Badli, Industrial area Badli etc to further help the administration of vaccines with the aim of helping the country in our fight against Covid. On a daily basis we reach out to almost 100 people, telling them about the safety that vaccination will bring and helping them with registration, booking and getting the vaccine dose.

For over 90 days, and still counting, we have successfully helped more than 10,000 people with registration for vaccines, booking their slots, thus getting vaccinated.

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