Sampurna is running Family Counselling Centres (FCCs) since 2000. The FCCs were set up for reuniting the families and helping the clients to resolve their disputes through a process of dialogue. Through this project Sampurna gained experience of dealing with the cases of marital disputes, extra marital affairs, drug addiction and alcoholism within the families, sibling rivalry, children and parents’ conflicts. Till now over 2,500 cases have been successfully handled. Our councillors work closely with the victim and work hard to bring them relief, helping them all the way, sharing their pain and help them deal with their situation. We are working with close collaboration with local administration, police, courts, medical and psychiatric institutions, vocational training centres and short stay homes etc to provide the best possible assistance to our clients.

We are the pioneer in organizing pre-marital counselling workshops all over Delhi. The then chairperson Smt Mridula Sinha, former governor of Goa, inaugurated the first ever held pre-marital counselling workshop in Rohini.

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