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January 01, 2000


Sampurna, Delhi



The scheme of Family Counselling Centres (FCCs) was launched by Government of India in 1983 and is implemented by the Centre for Social Welfare Board. Sampurna has been running the Family Counselling Centre (FCC) since the year 2000. The FCCs were set up for reuniting families and helping clients to resolve their disputes through a process of dialogue and counselling. Sampurna has dealt with cases of domestic violence, cases of abuse within the families, missing children, absconding and many other such cases through this project. It is through this project that Sampurna acquired an experience of facing and managing cases of marital conflict, sibling rivalry, and parent-children conflicts.


  1. Until now over 2,500 cases have been successfully handled in FCC since 2000.
  2. Here, Sampurna is dealing with the cases related to dowry demand, violent behaviour of the spouse, maladjustment with the in-laws, ego issues, extra marital affair, drug addiction, economic crisis, problem with children, etc.
  3. The assistance provided by FCC includes family counselling, group counselling, financial assistance, legal counselling. We are also working in close collaboration with local administration, Police, Courts, Medical and Psychiatric institutions, vocational training centres, short stay homes for victim assistance, Delhi Police, Crime against women cell, protection officer, councilor, MLA, Child welfare committee, DCPCR, NCPCR, DCW, NCW for providing the best possible assistance to the client.
  4. In last past three years Sampurna has had 181 cases out of which 169 were resolved and 22 are still running.
  5. Out of the total number of cases studies (181), it was found that 67 percent of the cases were resolved at the FCC level itself. Therefore, the formal criminal justice functionaries were not approached in majority of the cases.
  6. The study of the domestic violence cases registered in Sampurna revealed that that 41 percent of women thought that husbands are justified in slapping their wives if the latter showed disrespect towards in-laws/ deny household chores/ looking after their children. Our counsellors also found that the reasons of the women in being in abusive relationship ranges from ‘feeling helpless’, ‘destiny’, ‘don’t know how to react’, ‘feels it alright’, ‘becomes a habit.’
  7. Sampurna also gives support services which includes skill development and training and outreach programs/awareness programs.
  8. Sampurna is working on a book on the impact and outcome of Family Counselling Centres expected to be released by year 2020.

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Email: sampurna765@gmail.com Website: http://www.sampurnaonline.com

Address: Basement No. 35, Vinoba Kunj, Sector-9, Rohini, New Delhi – 110085

Phone: 011-27556498

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